C’mon now Rotogeek!

C’mon now Rotogeek! is a series based on laughing at Rotoworld blurbs for their incorrectness, overuse of the phrase “stay tuned”, and anything else I find worthy of chastising them over.

Dear RotoGeek,

Will Demps-DB-Texans Feb. 25 – 3:11 pm et

Texans released S Will Demps.
Demps’ 2007 Pro Bowl appearance is proof that the Texans’ fan base has exploded in recent years. The 29-year-old was easily passed by Eugene Wilson on the depth chart in 2008. Demps figures to resurface as a backup somewhere.

This would be a pretty good blurb except for the fact that Will Demps was a Pro Bowl alternate. You know, the players that aren’t actually voted into the game. Oh, and except for the fact that judging by Battle Red Blog and DGDB&D, there are like 500 Texans fans who know how to operate the internet in a manner beyond all-caps posting on message boards about how David Carr never got a fair chance. Hell, the Houston Chronicle doesn’t even have a single Texans fan on staff.

C’mon now Rotogeek!

~ by Rivers on 2009/02/25.

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